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EasyBid works fully on Vista.  There are however some elements of Vista that can potentially cause some installation / operation problems for EasyBid bid these are inherent to the workings of Vista and not the EasyBid program itself.

Vista is paranoid about security and requires the 'Administrators' permission to install any program.
When you download and run the EasyBid setup file (either as an automatic download from within EasyBid or manually downloading and running the setup file) you will see the following 'Security Warning'.  You must select 'Run' to continue:

Vista-Security Warning.JPG (31950 bytes)


Then the setup of EasyBid will start but Vista cannot identify the program trying to access the computer so it notifies you with the following 'User Account Control' message.  You have to select 'Allow' to continue.

Vista-UAC1.JPG (33625 bytes)


The EasyBid setup will continue and you will be prompted to enter an installation directory. Windows XP used to use the C:\Program Files\ directory by default, however Vista does not like using this directory and gives security problems. We have found that an installation into C:\EasyBid will work without any problems. If you try to install EasyBid into C:\Program Files\EasyBid then the installation will warn you with the following message:

Vista-EBprogfiles.JPG (36073 bytes)


If you disregard this advice then you will need to investigate any EasyBid problems on your own as our experience tells us that this is a problem area for a lot of programs.

EasyBid will be installed on your Vista computer.

eMailing the setup file:

If you are eMailed the setup file then from within your eMail program e.g. Outlook / Outlook Express / Thunderbird, you need to select the 'Save As' or 'Save All' options by right clicking the attachment. If you double click the attachment then save on the prompt you can run into access authority problems with a report of unauthorised access. If this happens resave the file using the method described above by right clicking.