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EasyBid has a useful Help File that includes practical examples, a comprehensive search facility and help buttons that enable you to find the answer to your question as quickly as possible.  Throughout the Help File there are screen shots that enable you to see exactly what you should expect to see when completing particular tasks. So if you have any queries or problems concerning EasyBid, please start by looking in the Help File! We do not provide a printed manual as all sections of the Help File can be printed out for reference.

You may also find the answer to your query in the FAQ section of this website.

We have produced a series of video tutorials for you to watch.

Please don't hesitate to contact any of the EasyBid team, using the contacts listed below, for assistance.
If you have an urgent query, please try phoning us first. If we're around that will be the quickest solution. Otherwise, eMail your query to urgent@aghsoftware.com which will reach the first of us to log-on.

Please do not send your query to all 3 of us individually, or copy the others in to your eMail as this will cause a delay in us replying to you.

Andy Hill (C32L)

Programming and Support

01763 287692


Ellie Hill (C32L)

Admin, Licencing and Support


Geoff Little (C32L)

Help File, Videos and Support

01780 767980

All of Us Sends an eMail to the first of us to log-on   urgent@aghsoftware.com