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Here's our Step by Step guide to getting started with EasyBid. You might like to print this page using the 'Print' button on your browser.
Click here to view a 'Map' showing how all the bidding processes fit together.

  • 2. Install EasyBid
    • Click the Windows Start Button (bottom left of the screen) and select 'Find' or 'Search', then 'Files and Folders'
    • Ensure the 'Look in:' box has your Hard Drive selected ( usually '(C:)' )
    • Type e.g. 'Setup457.Exe' (without the apostrophe symbols!), where 457 is the version number from the website, in the box called 'Named:', then click on the 'Find Now' button
    • When the file is found a new box will appear below with either 'Setup457' or 'Setup457.Exe' displayed under the heading ' Name'
    • Double Click on the word 'Setup457' or 'Setup457.Exe' to start the Installation
    • When the installation is complete, you can close the "Find: Files...." window by clicking on the 'X' in its top right corner
    • EasyBid v4.57 is now installed
  • 2. Get a Trial Licence
    • Get your Trial Licence which is free, valid for two months and allows you to use both EasyBid and EasyBid OnLine.
    • Your Licence will be e-mailed to you and will also have on the e-mail your EasyBid password.
    • Follow the instructions on the e-mail to let EasyBid retrieve your Licence. The easiest way is to select the menu option [Internet, Download EasyBid Licence] and enter the password from the e-mail when prompted. EasyBid will retrieve your current licence.
  • 3. Start EasyBid by:
    • Double clicking the EasyBid desktop icon or selecting Start->Programs->EasyBid->EasyBid
    • Enter your FICO (5 letter code).
    • Select your Rank and Fleet.
    • Select the Month and Bid Stage.
    • With an established Internet connection EasyBid will offer to download the bidpack for you from the Internet automatically.
    • Read your bid pack entries.
    • Your bid (unsorted) will be displayed.
    • Look through the EasyBid help file to get more information about each feature. The program has been designed to be as intuitive as possible and the help file has many index references to enable you to find the information you need quickly.
  • 4. To help EasyBid determine your previous months duties, bank and carry-in trips by getting your eMaestro Current Roster.
    • Select the menu option [Internet, Download BA eMaestro Current Roster]
    • Enter your User ID and password and select Log In
    • EasyBid will then connect to eMaestro and display Schedule Changes screen.....Acknowledge or Continue to proceed to the Schedule screen.
    • To get your eMaestro Current Roster, select the Month that you want then select and Go
    • The selected month is now displayed. To Export this months current roster select the Export button at the top right of the eMaestro screen. eMaestro will generate your roster in a suitable format.
      EasyBid will automatically save the exported file in the correct place for future use.
      If you need to export any other rosters then select the relevant months and export as above. Once you have finished in eMaestro select the Log Off button at the bottom right.
      Please use this button and not the Logout one inside the box....this ensures EasyBid closes everything
    • You can also use your CrewLink Final Roster.
      • Select the menu option [Internet, Download BA CrewLink Roster or BA CrewLink Statements]
      • A box will be displayed for you to enter your BA 'BSAFE' Password.
      • EasyBid will then offer you the ability to view, download and save your CrewLink Roster and/or Statements