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EasyBid Password - for accessing the Internet facilities

Your EasyBid Password allows you to access the following Internet Functions from within EasyBid:

  • OnLine Help. Information about the Internet features.
  • Latest News. Be sure to check this. It gives details of when the bidpacks and Rosters are released, DFW/Leave closure dates and any important bidding information.
  • EasyBid Upgrade / Updates. Check for the latest updates to the program and data files (hotels). Upgrade the program, Data Files and DLL files for both Rosters and eBidding.
  • Download your current EasyBid Licence.
  • Check which Bidpacks are available.
  • Download the next Bidpack.
  • Download the Supplementary Bidpacks
  • Download your BA CrewLink Final Roster. You'll need your CrewLink password for this - see below.
  • Download the Abbreviated Rosters
  • Your Password will be on the eMail with your Licence attached.
    You can have it eMailed to you from here if you have either forgotten it or wish to change it to something more memorable.

    CrewLink(BSafe)Password - for getting your Roster
    To access and download your BA Roster, you need to have a CrewLink Password.
    Once in a while you will also need to use this Password when getting the bidpacks as verification that you are a BA pilot.