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Are you away from your home computer, at work or on holiday and need to do your bid?
Or using a Mac and don't want Virtual PC, or using your Smart Phone or iPad?

EasyBid OnLine is an alternative means of using EasyBid without having it installed on the PC you are using. So it can be used from an Internet Cafe, Hotel Business Center, Mac (without needing 'Virtual PC'), Smart Phone or iPad

It is not possible to use EasyBid OnLine from BA premises. BA have investigated and stated that their security policies do not allow the Remote Desktop Connections facility to be installed on their computers.

EasyBid OnLine can be used to create and submit eBids in exactly the same way as you use EasyBid on your PC at home. You can also synchronise your bid between EasyBid and EasyBid OnLine. Information on synchronising EasyBid and EasyBid OnLine is here
Details of how to print while using EasyBid OnLine are here

Choose one of these two methods to start using EasyBid OnLine now!
  • Using 'Using Remote Desktop Connection'
    [This is a program included with Windows, or is easily downloaded and installed for PCs and Macs]
    Details on how install (if required), and use Remote Desktop Connection for Windows PCs are here and for Macs here

  • Direct Login via Internet Explorer (not other browsers)
    [this may not work for Macs due to the need for an ActiveX control]
    An explanation of how to use this method is here.
    If you already know how to login this way, you can use this link to take you to the direct log-in page EasyBid OnLine
    There is an alternative log-in here if the other one causes any problems.