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EasyBid is a Windows application, which can not be used as a downloadable program on a computer with a Linux operating system

However... EasyBid OnLine can be used on Ubuntu Linux (and possibly other distributions) via the RDP connection using 'Terminal Server Client'.

You will need either  'rdesktop' or 'Terminal Server Client'.  If you do not have either of these, you will need to download the repositories via the Synaptic Package Manager or by using a Terminal Console.  (Google how to do it!)

Problems have been encountered using the pre-installed versions of both 'rdesktop' and 'Terminal Server Client' on the native Xandros eee install.

The Print options at various bid stages (eg Leave forms) are written for Windows, but a hard copy can be obtained by using the 'Screen Grab' facility within the Linux operating system.

If you have any problems getting connected to EasyBid OnLine via Linux, please contact us and we will put you in touch with Matt, who persevered and got it going and has offered his help to others.

Using Terminal Server Client
The Screen Shot below shows the selections you should make in the Terminal Server Client application.
1. Click on 'Applications - Terminal Server Client'
2. Click on the 'General' tab and enter the details as shown below on the screen shot. i.e.
Where it says 'Computer' type in www.aghsoftware.com (not the numbers shown in the screen shot below or it won't work!)
Under 'Protocol' select 'RDP'
In the 'User Name' box type in 'easybid' (without the inverted commas and all in lower case as shown)
In the 'Password' box enter 'easybid' again.
Leave the 'Domain' and 'Client Host Name' boxes blank.
3. If you select the 'Display' tab, you can select screen size, colour depth etc.
4. Click on 'Connect'

Linux_Screenshot1.jpg (134907 bytes)


When you are connected to the EasyBid server via Terminal Server Client, you will see the following box.  Enter your FICO code and your EasyBid password. If you have forgotten your EasyBid Password, click here to see how to get it eMailed to you...

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