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This is where you can apply for your free Trial Licence, or have your current Licence eMailed to you. Please note this EasyBid program is for British Airways pilots only!
  • If you have not previously obtained an EasyBid Licence, a Trial Licence will be created and immediately eMailed to you.
  • If you have previously registered for an EasyBid licence, then your current Licence will be eMailed to you. 
    In this case, the * details below must (for your security) match those provided with your original registration. If you have changed your eMail address, you will need to contact us for your eMail address to be updated and your Licence eMailed to you.
  • If you have previously applied for a Trial Licence and did not subscribe, you will need to contact us and request that a new Trial Licence be issued to you.

Please enter your details below, and then click on the Submit Details button.

After your Licence has been created (or located for current licences ) it will be eMailed directly to you...

Personal Details:

Please enter the following details for the Licence:

Your Name: * e.g. Joe Bloggs
FICO Code: *  NB This program is for British Airways pilots only
Staff Number: * e.g. 123456


Capt, SFO, FO

Fleet:    e.g. 75L
eMail address: * e.g.Bloggs@hotmail.com
Alternate eMail address: Optional - for alternative eMail contact
e.g. Bloggs@aol.com
Introduced by:    e.g. Fred Smith (C75L)
Newsletter List:


e.g. Please note we only send Newsletters when there is
urgent information concerning your bid.