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Licencing and Costs

Your FREE TRIAL LICENCE is valid for two bid months and allows you to use all the features of both EasyBid and EasyBid OnLine.
You'll need to enter your Staff Number, FICO code, Name, Rank, Fleet and eMail address. Your Licence and Password will be eMailed to you straight away.
Download the eMail with your Licence when it arrives and start EasyBid. Use the menu option:
'Internet - Download EasyBid Licence' to Download the Licence. You will need your EasyBid Password, which will be on the eMail.

If you have a current licence and need to obtain a copy of it, you can have it eMailed to you from this link.
eMail my current Licence to me.

Full Licences give you access to both EasyBid and EasyBid OnLine and are valid until the introduction of JSS.
For Full time or Aspirational (72% or 58%) pilots for renewal due for Jul-Sep 17, the cost is £15
For Trainers or RTR part time (75% or 50%) pilots for renewal due for Jul-Sep 17, the cost is £10.

Licence Expiry Warning
EasyBid will warn you when your licence is about to expire and show you details of how to renew.

To pay for your Full Licence, either make a bank transfer (see the EasyBid menu option 'Help - How to Pay' for our details), or
Send a cheque made payable to 'AGH Software Solutions Ltd' to us at:.
AGH Software Solutions Ltd.
Notley Green

Whichever method you use, please use your FICO code as a reference.

We offer Trainers and RTR Part Time Pilots a discount to allow for the reduced bidding rights.  Please note that Aspirational Part Time pilots bid at both IBS1 and IBS2 every full time month and at IBS2 every part time month, and no discount is offered.
Referrals: For every person who subscribes to EasyBid and nominates you as their introducer, we will give you £10 discount on your next renewal.

Unable to obtain Trip Lines? We will provide your next 12 months subscription for FREE under certain conditions. If you bring this to our attention before renewal (we cannot apply this retrospectively) then we will look at the last 3 IBS1 awards (using the IBS2 bid packs, and ignoring December). If on at least 2 of those months there were less than 3 bidders (you or bidders junior to you on the status list (can be different names each month)) that were awarded trip lines above wiping level (ignoring BALPA Reps) then you will be eligible for a free licence.