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Using EasyBid OnLine with an iPad

In order to connect your iPad to EasyBid OnLine, you need a program which can set up a Remote Desktop session. There are several free programs which will do this. The one we now suggest is Microsoft Remote Desktop - this is available in a free version from the App Store. There are other Apps that do the same things and the settings listed below should all work as they are all trying to do the same thing - set up a Remote Desktop Connection to the EasyBid server. Your iPad needs to be connected to the internet, either through WiFi or the 3G mobile network, to run EasyBid OnLine.

The 3 Apps we have instructions for are Microsoft Remote Desktop, PocketCloud and iRDesktop. Please note that from Jan 2015 Pocket Cloud is no longer available for download from the App Store, but should continue to work if you already have it installed. Dell are no longer providing support for it, so you may wish to use Microsoft Remote Desktop.  Obviously new Apps and updates come out frequently so if you discover a better one then please let us know

1. Microsoft Remote Desktop. There's a link to a PDF file with all the instructions and screen shots to use this here

2.  PocketCloud - Works very well and has a useful 'virtual mouse'.  Easy to enter keyboard shortcuts e.g. CTRL+D.  There's a link to a PDF file with instructions and screen shots for PocketCloud here.

iPad IOS 7 and PocketCloud Issues: Please click here for latest info/advice re EasyBid Online wth PocketCloud if you have upgraded your iPad to IOS7

3.  iRDesktop - Does work but can be a bit blocky with no 'virtual mouse'.  Keyboard commands with CTRL / SHIFT do not work.  There's a link to a PDF file with instructions and screen shots for iRDesktop here