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Here are the answers to some of the more Frequently Asked Questions that we receive.
Don't forget to look in the Help File to find the answer to your query. ... and of course you can always contact us for more assistance.

  • I use a Mac computer. Can I still use EasyBid?
    Yes. See here for full details.

  • I use a Linux computer. Can I still use EasyBid?
    Yes. See here for full details.

  • Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 - Administrators permissions. Can I still use EasyBid?
    Yes. See here for full details.

  • How do I get a Licence for EasyBid?
    Go to our Licencing section, which has full details of how to get a Trial Licence or pay for a Full Licence.

  • How do I get a copy of my Licence? I've bought a new computer / I've reformatted my Hard Disc / So I can run EasyBid on my laptop.
    The easiest way of updating your licence file is to select the menu option [Internet, Download EasyBid Licence] and enter your EasyBid password. Your current licence (as held on our main database) will then be downloaded from the Internet directly into your computer and used from there onwards. If you can't remember your EasyBid Password, you can go to the Trial Licence section, enter your details again and your current Licence and Password will be e-mailed to you. Alternatively, contact us.

  • I can`t see the whole month on the screen - what do I do?
    Use the keyboard left [<-] and right [->] arrow keys or the toolbar buttons to scroll to the next half of the month or the carry in portion of next month and back. If the screen width only shows part of the month then you can change the screen mode to display the whole of the month. Select the menu option [View, Switch Screen Mode]. For more information on screen resolutions , see the Help File section 'The Top Line'

  • How do I get my Roster?
    To get your Roster directly from EasyBid, Select the menu option [Internet, Download BA eMaestro Current Roster or Crewlink Final Roster]
    A box will be displayed for you to enter your BA Crewlink Password.
    Enter your Password and select OK.
    For more information see the Help File section 'Final Rosters'.

  • How do I change to another fleet or rank?
    Select 'Setup - New User' and enter your FICO code and new fleet / rank details.

  • How do I change a duty / leave that BA have awarded in error?
    If the bidpack contains some leave, wrap days, a DFW or a fixed duty that no longer exists then double click on the item (on the blue or yellow line) and, after acknowledging that you want to do this, carry out the following:
    Select the [None] Pre-allocated Duty Code for each (and every) required day
    EasyBid will remove any Code for the selected day only
    If you remove a Trip or Carry In Trip then all the codes that covered those Trips together with the associated Trip Credit will be removed
    This code is available at IBS1 and IBS2.
    See the Help File section 'Leave/DFW & PreAllocated Duties'.

  • Can I run EasyBid on both my desktop and laptop computers?
    Yes, you can! Either copy the relevant files across to the second computer, or download the program, your licence and the bidpacks to the second computer. See the Help File section 'Setting Up / Installation'.

  • How do I get or change my EasyBid Password?
    To get your password eMailed to you, go to the Password section and enter your details. You can also change it.