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Synchronising EasyBid and EasyBid OnLine

EasyBid and EasyBid OnLine can work completely independently. The synchronisation is controlled by a small DLL file which is automatically downloaded by EasyBid. When more synchronisation options become available in the near future there will be more options available to you. This has the benefit of not requiring a full EasyBid upgrade. However, synchronising the two versions with each other will allow you to upload or download:

  • Your current bid together with your settings and preferences. This allows you to do part of your bid OnLine, download it, and then continue on your PC (or vice versa).
  • Your Diary entries
  • Your eBid and Receipt (Download only from EasyBid OnLine to your computer for safe keeping).
  • Your list of Locked Abbreviated Rosters.
To synchronise:
  • Firstly, you need to log-on to EasyBid OnLine so that it 'knows' about you. If you attempt to synchronise the two before you have used the OnLine version you will get an error message!
  • Select [Internet, Synchronise with EasyBid OnLine]. EasyBid will prompt you to update any out of date `OnLine Synch` DLL file. We recommend you accept any offer to download any updates.
  • If you select Upload, any ticked items will be sent from your EasyBid to EasyBid OnLine.
  • If you select Download any ticked items will be sent from EasyBid OnLine into your EasyBid
  • Your password needs to be entered (tick the Save Password on Exit box if you wish).
  • Start - will start the synchronisation and a list of successful elements "Uploaded OK" that you have ticked will be shown together with any "ERROR" messages for unsuccessful items. Cancel - will stop and not synchronise any files.
Other things you can do with synchronise!
  • If you have both EasyBid and EasyBid OnLine, you can start your bid on your desktop, synchronise it with EasyBid OnLine and then transfer it to your laptop to take away with you.