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Using 'Remote Desktop Connection' [for Macs. For Windows PCs see here]

  • From your Mac, start up 'Remote Desktop Connection'
  • Where it says 'Computer', type in www.aghsoftware.com:443  ( the :443 is optional - www.aghsoftware.com should work, but with :443 is more likely to get through firewalls etc. If you experience network or connection errors, try without the :443)


  • From the menu bar, select RDC, Preferences


  • You can now see the Login settings


    Enter "easybid" as your User name and also as your Password (don't worry about the Domain entry) - and tick the Add to Keychain and Auto reconnect boxes

  • Now select Display and choose the following settings for remote desktop size and colours 


  • Now select Printers and check the box to print to a printer connected to the Mac and choose your printer from the drop down list 


  • Close the Preferences dialog box and click Connect
  • Use both the Username and Password of "easybid" to login to the Server (if you did not enter them above)

w2k3slogin.jpg (25040 bytes)

  • Then your FICO Code and EasyBid Password to start EasyBid itself.

eblogin.jpg (23299 bytes)

  • If you have forgotten your EasyBid Password, click here to see how to get it eMailed to you...

If you are using a Mac you may experience some problems printing using EasyBid OnLine.  A solution that has been found by one of our users is:

1. Make sure the RDC session is at the maximum resolution.
(Options - Display - Choose the size of your remote desktop)
2. Using the 'ScreenGrab Tool' (hold down SHIFT/APPLE/3) will take a picture of the remote desktop and put it on your own desktop as a .pdf file.