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Using 'Remote Desktop Connection' [for all Windows versions. For Macs see here]

From Windows XP (see links at end of page for earlier Windows versions and Macs on downloading and installing 'Remote Desktop Connection'), go:
                   1:   'Start - Programs - Accessories - Communications - Remote Desktop Connection'

rdcmenu.jpg (45708 bytes)

or               2:   'Start - Run', type mstsc in the 'Open:' box, and click OK

mstsc.jpg (17628 bytes)

  • Where it says 'Computer', type in www.aghsoftware.com:443  (the :443 is optional - www.aghsoftware.com should work, but with :443 is more likely to get through firewalls etc. If you experience network or connection errors, try without the :443)

    rdc1.jpg (23377 bytes)

    • You can now select Options >> and enter "easybid" as your User name and also as your Password (don't worry about the Domain entry) - and tick Save my password
      • From the Options settings you can also select other options such as screen size via the Display tab, and if you wish to print you will need to use the Local Resources tab and ensure Printers is ticked - see Printing from EasyBid OnLine )

    rdc2.jpg (56313 bytes)

  • Click Connect
  • Use both the Username and Password of "easybid" to login to the Server (if you did not enter them just above)

w2k3slogin.jpg (25040 bytes)

  • Then your FICO Code and EasyBid Password to start EasyBid itself.

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  • If you have forgotten your EasyBid Password, click here to see how to get it eMailed to you...

For earlier versions of Windows download and install Remote Desktop Connection from Microsoft here, for Macs from Microsoft here

If you are in a Hotel Business Centre or Internet Cafe, and Remote Desktop Connection is not visible from the Menu, contact the Manager and point out that it is a Microsoft Utility that can be safely used for the benefit of a number of clients - this is not unique to EasyBid OnLine in any way - see the Microsoft Web Site