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Printing from EasyBid OnLine

To Print from EasyBid OnLine, the Computer you are sitting in front of naturally requires a printer, and the 'Driver' for this printer needs to be installed on our Server.  We have a wide range of printers already installed, but if you need additional printer(s), please eMail us at technical@aghsoftware.com the exact Printer Make & Model , and we will install the Printer Drivers as soon as we can.

When you start EasyBid OnLine with the Remote Desktop Connection method, you need to "connect" the printer(s) by ensuring that Printers is ticked as below, before you press Connect:

rdcprint.jpg (43597 bytes)

[ NB If you are using EasyBid Online via the Direct Login via Internet Explorer this is done automatically ]

When you now come to print from EasyBid OnLine, you just need to select the applicable Printer - you will only be offered printers that are attached to the computer you are working from and have a Driver installed on our Server:

rdcprint2.jpg (36276 bytes)

You can set your Preferences / Pages / Copies as normal, and when you press Print you will get a normal print out on your printer. If your document fails to print, make certain that you have selected the correct printer as attached to your computer.

If you are using a Mac you may experience some problems printing using EasyBid OnLine.  A solution that has been found by one of our users is:

1. Make sure the RDC session is at the maximum resolution.
(Options - Display - Choose the size of your remote desktop)
2. Using the 'ScreenGrab Tool' (hold down SHIFT/APPLE/3) will take a picture of the remote desktop and put it on your own desktop as a .pdf file.