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Direct Login via Internet Explorer [this is most likely only possible from PCs due to needing an ActiveX control]
Use this link to take you to the direct log-in page EasyBid OnLine and then:

  • Select your desired 'Screen Size' for the EasyBid Online window (or leave as 'Full-screen' - however, if this does not work select another screen size e.g. 1024x768):

webconnect.jpg (63620 bytes)

  • Click Connect (if the Connect button is greyed out, a Microsoft ActiveX control needs to be installed - this should happen after a few seconds automatically, or you may get a message indicating that current Security settings prohibit this)
    • If you are in a Hotel Business Centre or Internet Cafe, and the security settings prevent the ActiveX control being installed, contact the Manager and point out that it is a Microsoft ActiveX control that needs to be installed, and can be safely used for the benefit of a number of clients - this is not unique to EasyBid OnLine in any way - see the Microsoft Web Site
  • Use both the Username and Password of "easybid" to login to the Server:

    w2k3slogin.jpg (25040 bytes)

  • Then your FICO Code and EasyBid Password to start EasyBid itself:

eblogin.jpg (23299 bytes)

  • If you have forgotten your EasyBid Password, click here to see how to get it eMailed to you...