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Download EasyBid
To download the installation program for the latest version of EasyBid (v5.30) click here: Download EasyBid v5.30

Once you have downloaded the program, you will need to run the setup program. Just follow these simple instructions:

How to Install the program you have just downloaded :

1.    When you have clicked to download EasyBid, please ensure you select the "Save this program to disk " option and NOT the "Run this program from its current location" option

2.   Having downloaded the file, to install this version of EasyBid you must run the Setup Program.  If you are unsure of how to do this, the simplest way is:

(Click your Browser's Print button to print these instructions...)

i. Click the Windows Start Button (bottom left of the screen) and select 'Find' (or 'Search'), then 'Files and Folders'
ii. Ensure the 'Look in:' box has your Hard Drive selected ( whatever is in this box should end with '(C:)' )
iii. Type 'Setup530.Exe' (without the apostrophe symbols!) in the box called 'Named:', then click on the 'Find Now' button
iv. When the file is found, in the new box below 'Setup530' or 'Setup530.Exe' will be displayed under the heading 'Name'
v. 'Double Click' on the word 'Setup530' or 'Setup530.Exe' to start the Installation
vi. When the installation is complete, you can close the "Find: Files...." window by clicking on the 'X' in its top right corner
vii. EasyBid v5.30 is now installed

'EasyBid Tool'
The'EasyBid Tool' is installed during the EasyBid installation process.  However, if you just wish to upgrade the 'EasyBid Tool', and not EasyBid, please download and run it.
See How to Install the program you have just downloaded above if you are unsure of how to run the program and substituteToolSetup.Exe as the file name for which to search.
Download the 'EasyBid Tool' by clicking here:  Download 'EasyBid Tool' setup