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In order to connect your Android device to EasyBid Online, you need a program which can set up a Remote Desktop session. There are several programs which will do this. The one which I have found to work well is Pocket Cloud - this is available in a free version from Android Market. As is always the case with a bidding program, a larger, higher-resolution screen is preferable to a smaller, lower-resolution screen. The following instructions were written for an HTC Desire HD which has a 3.7” screen with a resolution of 400x800. Using this it is easily possible to do a bid, although it’s a little more fiddly than using a PC. Using an Android tablet with a decent screen size, it would quite likely be even easier than using a PC. Your device needs to be connected to the internet, either through WiFi or the mobile network, to run EasyBid OnLine.

Installing Pocket Cloud
On your Android device, run Market.

EB Android-1.bmp


Open the search window by tapping the magnifying glass or pushing the Hardware Menu Button and then tapping Search. Type in Pocket Cloud.

EB Android-2.bmp


There are two versions of WYSE Pocket Cloud - select the free one!

EB Android-3.bmp


Now tap Install FREE

EB Android-4.bmp


And Accept Permission OK The program will then be downloaded – you can see its progress in the Alert Bar at the top of the screen. It will automatically install.

Setting Up a Remote Desktop Connection for the First Time

When you run Pocket Cloud for the first time, you need to set up a connection to EasyBid OnLine. These settings are then saved for future use.
Run Pocket Cloud. You can do this from the Market screen if you’re still there. More usually you’ll run it from the usual apps menu.

EB Android-5.bmp

EB Android-6.bmp



If you get one of these messages, tick Do not show this again and tap Close.
Here you can choose Yes or No as you like.

EB Android-7.bmp



Ignore this setup – we won’t be using these features for EasyBid. Now push the device’s Menu Button

EB Android-8.bmp



Select Add Connection

EB Android-9.bmp




EB Android-10.bmp



Fill in the fields as shown below.
Nickname: Anything you like. I call it easybid
Host Address: www.aghsoftware.com (not the numbers you see in the screen shot or it won't work!)
Username: easybid
Password: easybid
Domain: leave this box
Resolution: You can experiment with different settings here according to your device and taste. Try 1024x768 as a starting point.
Keyboard Layout: English (United Kingdom) or whichever you want
Port: 3389
Console Mode: OFF

EB Android-11.bmp


And select the Save button at the bottom of the screen. That’s all the setup finished - now you are ready to connect to EasyBid online.
Logging into EasyBid OnLine
The following is what you will do each time to get into EasyBid Online. In Pocket Cloud’s main screen, you should now see your new connection, named “easybid” or whatever you used as your Nickname above. Tap it to connect to the server.

EB Android-12.bmp


After a few moments, the EasyBid OnLine Login screen should appear. Enter your FICO Code and EasyBid Password.
Tip: If the on-screen keyboard does not appear automatically, a long push of the device’s menu button should make it pop up. Equally, you can hide the keyboard at any time with two short pushes of the menu button. Tap in each of the boxes to fill them in and tap OK.

EB Android-13.bmp



EasyBid OnLine should now be up and running on your Android device!
Hints and tips A feature which you may find useful to help you navigate around Pocket Cloud is the “Touch Pointer” which can be activated by a short press of the device’s menu key. It acts like a mouse, and is more accurate than finger taps. Once you’ve got it worked out, it speeds things up considerably. There are instructions in Pocket Cloud’s Help section. It is worth playing around with the screen resolution settings to see what works best. You can get back into the settings screen from the Pocket Cloud main menu, by pushing and holding the “easybid” connection and selecting Edit. Also try whether you find portrait or landscape mode better, by rotating the device. On a phone’s small screen I actually find portrait works best for me.