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EasyBid is the pilots' favourite bidding program. It is the simplest and most popular independant electronic bidding software package, with excellent reliability, support and backup.

You can download EasyBid onto a Windows computer or a Mac (with a Windows emulator). Or you can use EasyBid OnLine from a Windows computer, Mac, iPad, Smart Phone (Apple or Android) or a Linux computer.


Why EasyBid? We think there are 4 key aspects to consider when choosing which program to use:
  • Reliability It is very costly in lifestyle and financial terms if your Bid Program makes an error. With EasyBid you have:
    • A program that has continuously evolved since launch over 10 years ago. It is not constantly being rewritten or "relaunched".
    • A long established program in use by over 1900 pilots each month. With this level of use, most potential problems have already been identified and removed.
  • Support With the complexity of the modern PC, and the necessary interactions with BA and their systems, it is vital that your Bid Program provides quick and accurate support when you need it. With EasyBid you have:
    • A team of 3 pilots, with both longhaul and shorthaul experience, offering a range of eMail and telephone contacts - including a dedicated 'urgent' eMail address, which will reach the first of us to log-on in case of urgent problems.
    • 3 servers in different locations to ensure maximum availability of BidPack downloads and updates.
    • Latest News, Bidpacks available, Updates/Upgrades features accessible from within EasyBid.
    • Full support for current Microsoft Windows Operating Systems (XP, Vista, Windows 7 and 8), as well as support for Macintosh via Virtual PC. We also have a colleague who can help with Linux.
    • Assurance we will not bombard you with unnecessary e-mails.
  • Features / Ease of Use EasyBid is, and aims to stay, clear, simple and safe to use.
    • We limit its features to those largely concerned with Bidding and Rosters.
    • We are flattered that innovative features we have introduced are now appearing in our competitors’ programs!
    • Simplicity is our aim. We avoid adding ‘features’ that add complexity with little benefit to most users.
    • Easy to use standard Windows interface with clear displays using colour.
    • Excellent Help file and lots of Help examples.
  • Use it at Home or OnLine EasyBid can be used on your home computer / laptop or online with 'EasyBid OnLine'.
    • It's the same program for either the home or OnLine versions, so you only need to know how to use one program.
    • It can be used away from your main computer in hotels, internet cafes etc. Or use it if you don't own a home computer.
    • Synchronise your bids / preferences / diary entries between your home computer and EasyBid OnLine.
    • Can be used by Mac users who don't wish to use Virtual PC.
How do I get Started?
  • For a Windows computer, or a Mac running a Windows emulator: Download and Install a copy of EasyBid and apply for a Trial Licence which will be eMailed to you.
  • For EasyBid OnLine you just need to apply for aTrial Licence, which will be automatically stored for you in the OnLine version and a copy will be eMailed to you.