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21 Dec 2015

EasyBid v5.00 Release

We have just released EasyBid v5.00 which is a Compulsory Upgrade, comprising a number of improvements and fixes - detailed in the Help File. By far the biggest change, and driver for the new version, is the introduction of EASA FTLs into BA from 1 Feb 2016. There is an 'EasyBid and EASA FTLs' Newsletter on our website:
which will be kept updated.

EasyBid Support
Before contacting us for Support, please refer to/search the Help File to see if your query can be resolved there e.g. try the 'Problem Solving' index. If not, then check the Help File 'Support' section for what we need to provide the best response e.g. please include your FICO Code, Fleet & Seat in any eMails. We also ask you to check 'Internet => Latest News" in case there is a widespread problem. Please do not eMail more than one of us simultaneously - either eMail one of us, or the 'Urgent' address for the quickest response.

Mailing List
We appreciate it is some time since we have eMailed users, and you may well no longer wish to receive EasyBid eMails - if so, please eMail licencing@aghsoftware.com asking to be removed, and we will update our records. Of course, if you wish to start using EasyBid again, please contact us (details below) and we can quickly setup a new Licence.

Given the significant FTL changes and BLR alleviations, the EasyBid Website Newletters page also contains updates, including the 'EasyBid and EASA FTLs' newsletter (link above) we will keep updated.

To upgrade to v5.00:
1. If you are using Vista or Windows 7/8/10:
a. Start EasyBid as an 'Administrator' by right-clicking the EasyBid desktop icon and selecting 'Run as Administrator'
(This may require you to choose 'Allow' or 'Yes' in a 'User Account Control' dialog).
b. If you do not do this, you might get a "Setup... failed [Code '740']" error. In this case, start EasyBid and upgrade again.
c. If you are still encountering problems, consider uninstalling EasyBid, and reinstall manually as below ensuring EasyBid installs to 'C:\EasyBid' (not 'C:\Program Files\EasyBid').
2. Select 'Internet -> EasyBid Upgrade / Updates -> Upgrade EasyBid from Internet' from the EasyBid menu (in IBS1 or IBS2 mode).
3. In case of difficulty, 'manually upgrade' - please go to our website www.aghsoftware.com/easybid and follow the instructions to Download and Install EasyBid.

Any problems or feedback / suggestions (always welcome), please eMail or Phone:

andy@aghsoftware.com (01763) 287692
ellie@aghsoftware.com (01763) 287692
geoff@aghsoftware.com (01780) 767980

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