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23 Oct 2017

EasyBid News - October 2017

As eMailed last year, BA is now about 6 months from the planned introduction of JSS. We do not plan to provide a JSS product and so modified our licence costs for 2017 renewals, and all renewed Licences "expired" with the Dec 2017 bid.

That (complex) process is now complete, and the good news is that all EasyBid Licences valid to Dec 2017 will be read by EasyBid v5.30 as valid to Dec 2018 (and we will extend that if necessary!).

So to continue to use EasyBid:
1. Please ensure you upgrade to EasyBid v5.30 (or later if we need to release a newer version)
2. Please ensure you are using your latest Licence (download again if required)
3. Any problems eMail us.

Our intention is to support the loyal EasyBid users who stayed with us through 2017 - we do not intend to add Licences for new or expired previous users. However, we are always open to a nice 'begging letter', so if you would like to use EasyBid for free for the remaining Bidline time, and can make a good case - please let us know!

We have no plans to develop EasyBid for use under JSS. As with our decision not to develop an iPad version, that is down to our skills, aims and circumstances, not on whether there is a business case. JSS is being brought into BA with an 'API' (interface for 3rd party programs), so the potential is there for other providers to provide an aid to JSS bidding.

Hopefully it was no surprise that EasyBid is in a run down phase, and this newsletter further clarifies the process. We much appreciate the loyal custom shown over many years, and in turn trust we have provided a useful product and service over that time. The intention is to support our customers until JSS is introduced, assuming of course there are no major changes to current plans...

geoff@aghsoftware.com (01780) 767980 [C78L]
andy@aghsoftware.com (01763) 287692
ellie@aghsoftware.com (01763) 287692

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