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23 Nov 2016

EasyBid News – November 2016

As 2016 bids have drawn to an end, BA is about 1 year from the planned introduction of JSS. We do not plan to provide a JSS product and are therefore modifying our licence costs as we get closer to the scheduled implementation of JSS.

Licence Costs
We have split 2017 into 4 quarters, and Licence costs will be reduced in each quarter. However, such Licences will enable EasyBid to continue to be used for bidding after 2017, in practice until JSS takes over.

For Licences expiring (last month of validity):

In / before December 2016: £65 (Standard) / £50 (Trainers, RTR Part Time)
Jan, Feb, Mar 2017: £50 / £35
Apr, May, Jun 2017: £30 / £25
Jul, Aug, Sep 2017: £15 / £10
In / after October 2017: Free for all EasyBid Licence Users with valid Licences for October 2017

We have no plans to develop EasyBid for use under JSS. As with our decision not to develop an iPad version, that is down to our skills, aims and circumstances, not on whether there is a business case. JSS is being brought into BA with an 'API' (interface for 3rd party programs), so the potential is there for other providers to provide an aid to JSS bidding.

85% Part Time Contract
January 2017 IBS1 sees the (re-)introduction of the 85% Part Time contract. We are aware those on the contract have been sent a ‘Scheduling Handling’ guide, and we have released EasyBid v5.13 covering this. We assume amended BLRs (or a FAN) will be released detailing these arrangements formally for all to see.

Hopefully it is no surprise that EasyBid is in a run down phase, and this newsletter clarifies the process. We much appreciate the loyal custom shown over many years, and in turn trust we have provided a useful product and service over that time. The intention is to support our customers until JSS is introduced, assuming of course there are no major changes to current plans...

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