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19 Jan 2017

EasyBid News January 2017

Happy New Year!

You may have read the BALPA Newsletter about collecting 'live' bid scenarios via a survey. Alongside this survey, we have adapted EasyBid (from v5.15) to collate similar data to the survey using your bid.

Whilst this appears a good method to gather the data required for JSS Development, there can be valid concerns about who and why has access to this data. We have only agreed to partake in accordance with:

1. On the menu 'Bid > Upload JSS Bid' can be unticked. If you untick this, then no Bid data can or will be passed on.
2. As with the BALPA survey, the data will be 'de-identified' before being passed to Jeppesen. In addition:
a. BALPA have undertaken to us the data will only be made available to Jeppesen for JSS development.
b. Jeppesen will 'mix' the EasyBid data with the survey data.
c. Jeppesen will also add 'random' data to make bidder numbers up to all pilots on a fleet/seat.
d. Jeppesen have confirmed that the mixing with random bid data will make data not identifiable.
e. The BA Manager overseeing JSS has given BALPA his assurance that no attempt will be made to identify individual bidders
3. The EasyBid data that would be passed on:
a. Does not contain your name or 5 letter code.
b. It will contain your seniority 'band' rounded to 10% e.g. 'A 30% bidder' means between 20% and 30% on your seat/fleet.
c. The bid data will be (as in the survey) that can be gathered or estimated using EasyBid options / preferences.
d. There are aspects in the survey, requested by Jeppesen, that Bidline and EasyBid do not reflect. Prior submitting data to BALPA, we (EasyBid) will add this data randomly according to survey results.
4. The bid data will only be passed to Jeppesen after Bid closure. If you change your mind, or we have any doubt about the assurances from BALPA, Jeppesen or BA, we will not pass on the data.

We believe this makes inappropriate use of personal bid data not only illegal, but in practice impossible.

Jeppesen have asked for this data, and supplying it can only assist in JSS being a better BA pilot product as a result. We take your data privacy seriously, and it is in Jeppesen and BA's interests to adhere to the principles above. Any doubts and we state (potentially) have the data, but are unwilling to release it.

Finally, we/BALPA do not see any issue in you completing the survey as well - the more the better.

Further assistance would be appreciated prior March IBS1: if you start EasyBid (v5.15) in Feb IBS1 and/or IBS2 and attempt to submit an eBid (you will get an Error that the Bid Window is closed), we will get your Feb Bid Data. This will not be shared beyond BALPA, but assists us in testing the data gathering.

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